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Far out, this is hilarious. Thanks so much for writing it! I'd love to see more in the setting - with all the different peoples and kingdoms I really felt like there was a big world out there. it looks like a fun place for a ttrpg!

But also, just... absolutely hysterically funny at so many points. Thanks for writing it.

Hello. Sorry at bother you but I would like to know when the DLCs take place, please. 

Is it at the end of the game, or at a particular point in the game?

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The DLCs take place after the perfect endings of the game!

Ok, thank you so much! <3


Will you be releasing the dlc on steam ? I absolutely adore this vn, and I'm honestly craving more of it. 🙏


It's a little bit complicated but I can prioritize it! Sure thing.

thank you so much!!


"I'm not sweating, you're sweating!"

I've been meaning to play Heroine for Hire for the better part of a couple years, and I'm glad I finally did. The dev has a warm, beautiful way of writing family (Timpani and Lute my beloveds), and the love interests are both darlings. I've finished one route so far, and really looking forward to the next!


Thank you so much for purchasing and leaving a review! I'm glad you enjoyed the writing! Lyre's interactions with Fai were so fun to create and I am happy that you love Timpani and Lute so much! I hope you enjoy the other route as much as you liked the first!

Hi there, I bought this during a sale couple of months ago and I realised that the DLC was not included. Is there a way to buy it as a standalone without repurchasing the game? I'm really enjoying the game so far :D love how you fleshed out their personalities

Hello! May I ask you to contact me at jelpiparade@gmail?

Hello, I was so excited to see a DLC for this game that I was willing to pay for it again just to get that. However, I'm encountering a Build error and can't get the download to start. There's a link to 'info for nerds' on the error. I tried the alternate download, but that didn't do anything. Is there another way to get the file, please?

Wow, that sounds really strange. Can you email me at misse.chouette@gmail with a screenshot of the error and your OS (PC or Mac)?

Never mind! I'm sorry for worrying you. I cleared out the browser cache and restarted this morning before I tried it again, and then it worked. So no worries! It loaded this time. THANK YOU for all of your efforts and such a fun game. I hope you will continue to develop more games!

Perfect! Thank you for letting me know! The second dlc will be free so I hope you enjoy that as well. I'll try my best!

Hello. I would like to buy the game on Steam but I would like to know if the DLC is included, please?

The DLC is not included on Steam unfortunately.

Oh, that's a pity indeed... :(

I adore this game and I'm so excited about the DLC! I've re-downloaded the game but I'm struggling to find the right DLC files to paste into the game file :( Is it the whole "renpy" file I need to copy and paste in?

Ah, no! There's a file called dlc_1 that should be included. If it's not, let me give you a copy. Please email misse.chouette@gmail.

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Hi! I've recently bought the game and I'm so looking forward to playing it on my next day off! The little snippets of writing, and the art I've seen, are so amazing! I've played some of your other games already, and loved those, so I have no doubt I'll love this one too!

Just a quick question, I saw one of your replies that the guide was kickstarter exclusive, but would you ever consider having it up for sale here? Simply because I somehow always make the wrong choices in these games, and so I always look up guides, haha. No worries if not though, I'm still more than happy to play it!

Thank you for continuing to make these, they never fail to make me happy. Take care of yourself, can't wait for more!


Hi! First off, I want to say thank you for playing my games. Secondly, I thought about what you said and I think that it's a good idea. I think I'll sell the game guide for about $5 since it also comes with a lot of lore and little interviews with the characters. Please keep an expectation of it!

That's great! Thank you so much, I look forward to buying it! 


I have devoured this game in one evening, it's that good! Managed to get all of Fai's endings of which I loved them all. So far I've gotten Veris' normal ending three times despite my choice selection. XD If it wasn't midnight I'd be forcing myself to figure it out until I got the great ending. Well written, engaging story and beautiful art to go with it! 

Wow, thank you! Fai is a sweetheart, isn't he? Haha, I'm glad that you liked all of his endings! Veris is a tricky one. I love his best ending though because he is such a... himself, haha. I hope you can get it soon!

Thank you for complimenting my writing, I'm really happy about that. Have a great day and thank you for your support!


Also, the game is incredibly fun XD How do I get the DLC content?

Which route?

The DLC will be out in October!

Oh, hell yeah for the DLC! And I mean my boy VERIS!! Haha (I already have Fai's, he's still my fave.. for now...)

I'm excited to release it too! :^)

Ahh, well, I just put up the guide for sale! If you'd like, you can grab that! ^^

Here's a hint though. Be family-oriented, flustered by him and honest. :^) The choices that affect the ending are the ones that just have two choices. The three choice ones only affect her personality. Hope that helps!


Ok so, my comment isn't gonna be very original because all I can say is that I love the game! I've only played Veris' route so far and this is as adorable and satisfying as can be. I got the normal ending on my first play and now I need to ask: Owl, could you tell me if you have planned on releasing a walkthrough? I'm that kind of player who likes to use walkthroughs most of the time because I enjoy "best" endings the most. I've looked for a fan-made walkthrough but found nothing. If you do have one, would you agree to share it to the community?

Of course I'll keep playing in any case, I can't wait to discover Fai's route. Thank you for such a great game <3


Thank you for playing! It still excites me to get comments on this game because they're so rare! So thank you. I made a guide for the Kickstarter so I wasn't planning on sharing it outside of that, but since you asked so nicely, you can email me at misse.chouette[at]gmail and I'll be sure to send you a copy!

Thank you for enjoying Veris and his many quirks, haha. I hope you like Fai's route as well! Thank you SO much for playing and sharing your thoughts.


Got it on steam. Great game for the price!

Thank you so much! Both for purchasing and for commenting!!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! 


Such a delightfully well-written and overall charming game!  The characters are super fun.  I adore Lyre and her interactions with her family (her exasperated "Ma!" is hilarious every time it comes up).  Lute and Ivis are both snarky and clever in the best ways.  And Veris manages to be charismatic and exasperating and hilarious all at once.  I look forward to playing Fai's route.


Thank you so much for leaving a review! I loved writing Heroine for Hire and I'm glad that you enjoyed it! I always wanted Lyre to have her family be involved with her life because I love family dynamics and think they're so enjoyable to write about. Ivis is a trip but that's what makes her Ivis LOL. And I'm glad Veris in all his glory can make you unsure of whether you want to hug him or hit him. Please enjoy Fai's upon release!

Just two more weeks!


I love everything about this game! Timpani is the absolute best, but the whole family dynamics are *chef's kiss* amazing! Lyre is such a fun protagonist! Writing is so very good, art is delightful, just, wonderful and the game I needed to play right now! Highly recommend, it's just so good! 


Thank you so much for the positive review! I always find it to be a little sad when games make their protagonists without family or friends so I was glad to write Timpani into the game.

I'm glad you liked Lyre! She definitely is a stubborn girl, but that's what makes her so much fun to write. I'm SO glad you enjoyed it and I hope you love Fai with as much fervor when he releases April 4th.

Thanks again for playing!

I bought the game from (I thought it included Fai) now that the kickstarter was a success will I also receive the final copy??

Yes, you will receive the final copy. Fai's route is being worked on at the moment. I'm waiting on the funds from the KS as we speak!

it would be odd if I chose fai as a love interest because we share the same name but also fun XD


Lol! Well, Fai's name comes from the Thai word for 'fire'. I thought it fit him since it's short and sweet like him. :^)

That's pretty funny though! I hope you get a chance to check him out!

If we purchase here do we get access to the DLC once it's completed or should I wait for the kickstarter?

Yes! The DLC of the second route will be a free update and will not cost anything additional.

Yay! Bought it, I really liked the demo, the humor and writing was fun and the art is awesome.

Thank you sooo much for the compliments. I'm really happy that you enjoyed it!