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this game is...  nvm


wouldn't be a game id it didn't PISS you off

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This game is really cool, love the beautiful UI, great character designs and nice 'sweet'/'spicy' choices. Thank you for making this fun and inclusive game!! I really love the guys' designs as well; they are the perfect bridge between realistic and anime style.

The soundtrack is also very nice!

Are there CG's and if so is there a CG gallery and also anyone got a walkthrough?

Because the main character is customizable, there are no CGs and as this is a free game, I couldn't afford that level of customization.

I don't believe anyone's got a walkthrough but if it helps, there are no bad endings!

thank yo


This game was great, the writing was so good and fun, i loved the story and motivations of the MC - and all routes were wonderful in their own way!! 

oooh, i remem


i love this game


i love this game and thank you for melenated love interests and custom skin tones <3

getting a custom name was the closest i felt to being immersed


divya route when?!?!?!?! 10/10 unlocking all the clothing was unexpectedly fun


loved it S2

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Err well I've played it for a bit, went for Armando route. This may just be my opinion, something I've picked up from hundreds of vn I've played, I think the MC suffers a little bit from "I'm the MC so everyone is automatically attracted to me" syndrome. I know that comes with the territory of being a main character but this time it's a bit obvious because the boys seemed almost desperate for her even though she's just a person. Nothing wrong with that but I don't see why they'd be almost desperate for her when she JUST arrived like a day ago or so. It's just weird. The scene where Armando helped out with the other dude's flower arrangement, all the jealousy and weird competition was.. childish. Really threw me off and made the boys seem a little unlikeable to me because she's not something to win over, she can make her own decisions, she's not anybody's property. I don't mind jealousy and a little triangle but maybe it just wasn't written too well. It just seemed like boys fighting over a new toy and who gets to have it. It's just weird, they literally know nothing about her and she didn't stand out that much, she's just a nice person. I really don't see why they go gaga over a stranger. Initial attraction? Definitely, asking out, and stuff no problem. It's just too soon for the boys to go gaga over her. 

It's just that I have a personal experience with those type of boys. I met someone who seemed like he was falling for me the first few hours we talked and oh boy that was NOT attractive at all, it was almost creepy, like I'm trying to have a good time playing games and chat, not looking for potential love interest. Like I'm not an object of desirability, I'm a person, chill. Talk to me like a human being, you know? So yeah hope that explains what I'm talking about xD I kinda got that vibe from the characters, a little bit. I personally don't like that. If it wasn't for that, I would've like the game. Oh well ^^;;  I really like when she stood up for herself called them out and got angry at them both for being immature. Kudos to her. Hate that they made it seem like she was the bad guy after though >.> Ugh immature jerks

Almost forgot! There should be an option to stay "skipping" after choices. Many Cans have that option now it's a bit annoying I have to keep pressing skip after every choice.

Ps. Maybe because of how they were written emotions don't come out that well so when I played it cool with Gabriel he almost sounded... Scary.. "What do you mean 'what'? "It was nothing. Just my job." Are you trying to sound cool?" brrrrrrr...scary.

Ps ps I don't understand how some of the clothes you have are "spicy style" like a baggy hoodie and a simple blouse. How are those spicy? Meanwhile a small camisole that's quite sexy is "sweet style." It was a bit confusing lol


Hello and thank you for reaching out with such a long, detailed review! I feel like I should preface this with the following disclaimer: this game is intended to be a dramatic, soap opera style game. For that reason, everyone likes the MC, because this is not at all meant to be a portrayal of a realistic romance but instead of intended to be fun, silly and dramatic.

I'm sorry that you considered it to be written badly as I try my best to write enjoyable stories.

As for your criticism re: skip choices, I'm not much of a programmer so what you see is what you get: a free game with plenty of minor faults.

Gabriel's personality is quite brisk as he is a rather serious man. He is not meant to be scary in *any* way. Last but not least,  I tried my best to assign clothing value and give each personality type an equal amount of clothing so there might be some over sight for some items.

In any case, I'm sorry that you didn't have a pleasant time with Rose and the gang. I hope you find other titles that are more fun for you to play! 


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Aah soap opera I see. I didn't really catch that, it seemed more serious than it was jokey and silly. I did think the emotions didn't get through to me that well. Thanks for taking it well! Good luck on your future games. I'm sure I'll be playing/have played some more :)


I love this game so much! Each character was delightful  and their stories worthwhile. I was overjoyed  that this game had a feature to customize your character and most of all by how this game included black males. As a black woman, it was empowering to see characters with my skin color, and additionally, ones written so well. The options for customization were splendid and i had options for my kinky hair.  It's nice to feel seen . However, regardless of race, i'm sure this game will be enjoyable for all. A good, strong story line,  intriguing romantic interests and side characters,  and lastly fairly easy and straightforward game design. A marvelous job to the developers :)


Thank you so much for this comment. I read it many times trying to decide how to respond. All I can say is that I will always make games like this and I hope that you continue to feel both seen and represented by my works. :^) Have a GREAT day!


The characters are absolutely gorgeous, but the best compliment I can give is TYSM for some poc representation, I'm obsessed with Theodore's design, everything stunning.
Keep up the good work, can't wait for more of you!


Thank you so much! Theodore is such a cutie, haha. I hope you love his dynamic with his petal. ^^ Thank you! Please keep an eye out for my other works!


Took about 3 hours but I really enjoyed this game. Streamed it for Valentine's Day on Twitch!

Starts at 1:41:42 Took longer than expected but I liked it, and will replay to see what the other endings are. I romanced Dominque.


Thank you soooo much for your playthrough! I watched it and laughed so much. Love the Southern accents and the love for Gabriel and Dominique!

In truth, I don't like Armando either, HAHA. Thanks again for sharing!


Thank you for watching! ❤️

Hey, my game keeps showing the characters as giant black rectangles but I tried downloading it again and it is the same issue.

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Hello, I've noticed your comment on another chain! I haven't seen this issue before. Are you using a Mac or a PC? Does an error screen pop up? And were you using the app or the site to download?

I am using PC, there is no error pop up, and I am using the site download.  I am starting to wonder if it is something in my system (this is the second game that hasn't worked; I will try another game just to be sure).

If that doesn't work, you can also email me at and I'll send you a zipped copy.

its pretty good so far! but why are some of the choices blacked out & i can't click on them? and how do i get them unlocked?

you unlock them by choosing different personality choices!

Something with the mac version is breaking. Causes the entire screen to glitch out to the point you have to restart the computer.

Thank you for letting me know. I have a Mac myself but I've never encountered that particular issue... Does an error screen pop up? Or does it just freeze? And were you using the app or the site to download?


Finally got around to finishing this. So silly and sweet :D

I sure enjoyed this. Looking forward to what you have in store for the future. Or maybe see what else you have made :)


Yesss! This game is definitely one of my silliest games and I think it was pretty fun to write something so light-hearted. I hope you enjoy my other games too!


This game is cute. I played Celestia and loved it, so when I saw this, I knew I had to give it a try. The premise, plot, and characters are very heavily tropified and formulaic, but it's still cute and fun, and the art and UI and the dress up aspect make the whole thing very refreshing.

I was pleasantly surprised by Gabriel's character. He had more depth than I expected. His route was my favorite, and I'm tempted to play it again right now. 

One thing that I just kind of passively noticed the first time, but after it came up 2 more times it became a little distracting: you use the phrase "peaks my interest" several times, but the phrase is actually "piques my interest." 

Overall a very good game, especially for free! The art alone feels like you should be charging for it!


Haha, thank you for playing this game too. Every once in a while I write cheesy things and sometimes those cheesy things become completed games. Gabriel is also my favorite so kudos there!

Ah, thank you! I didn't know. I fixed it though, so I appreciate you letting me know!

But because this was a silly little game that I made a while back and just never published, I decided that it should be PWYW. (Technically it's not free, although it can be played for free.) In any case, thanks a lot for playing this one too! I feel a little embarrassed when I think about this game so it's nice that people can enjoy it. Much thanks!


With what I've played of the game so far, it's pretty fun! Gotta admit, grandpop is best character, 10/10.


I overall like this game and there's clearly a lot of love that's been put into it, but the way the game forces you into a love triangle with Armando and Gabriel kind of ruined their romances for me. No matter how clear I was with my choices, the game forced 'misunderstandings' and poor communication whenever possible, and I felt very railroaded. Again I do enjoy pretty much all other aspects of the game, especially how the entire cast is made up of POC and the character choices unlocking wardrobe, but feeling turned off by 2/3rds of the romances in an otome game is a bit of an issue... Looking forward to more of your games, just not sure that this one is for me, sorry.


No worries and thanks for playing! Even I felt that the love triangles wouldn't appeal to everyone so I made sure to put it in the description. Thank you for your honest thoughts and I hope my other games can provide a better experience!


So, I was simply browsing on itchio like I always do every month to see if I can find any new visual novels (I mainly download VNs because I'm a big sucker for them,plus I like looking at pretty pictures.), and I happened upon this game.

When I first saw the cover I squealed louder than a teenaged girl at a BTS concert. I was so giddy to see three LIs that were different shades.

 Firstly, the art style is very refreshing, reminds me of a comic book style  while not being too over the top with expressions or porportions. The MC is pretty well rounded (doesn't act like a ditz over the guys or lets people push her around like in some VNs).

I really like the idea of clothing options in games because it's kinda fun to play dress up still (I'm a big Sims fan lol),it gives the MC a little bit of visual spice if you switch it up every now and then.

All of the love intrests are handsome and well drawn. Sometimes I see some of the LIs on these things and only a few of them are nice looking,or they are weird acting, but this game really put in a lot of visual effort and consideration with the character designs. They all come off as normal people,even awkward Armando (lol).

 I have to say the first time around playing I accidentally wound up with Dominique because I was trying so hard to get Armando's ending first, but I thought I was making the wrong choices so I wound up dancing with Dominique (who seemed to come OUTTA NOWHERE lol),but I definitely don't regret picking him. He's funny,charming,and empathetic to the MC. He's also very transparent. Also very stylish, reminds me of a sort of prince of Bel-Air. *ahem*

Armando is clueless, but he does have this cute puppydog thing going on for him and he is kinda sweet the way he compliments the MC.

Special shoutout to the grandpa. He's a sweet paw-paw and just wants the best for his granddaughter. I like their understanding relationship.

I just finished Gabriel's route and I really like him. He's a bit of a smart-alleck,but never towards the MC (sometimes it's fun to watch witty banter between those types of LIs but sometimes it comes off as mean spirited depending on the writer). He's also a very honest character just like Dominique. Not to mention he's gorgeous! Well,they all are,really (lol). He's VERY affectionate and I just thought that was the cutest thing. He comes off as stiff when first looking at him,but he's a real softie on the inside once the MC gets closer to him.

My favorite LIs though after beating this are Gabriel,Dominique,then Armando.

Final impressions:

Very nice, light hearted game with gorgeus character design and a straightfoward plot. Very easy to get into from the start.

The art style and writing is a refreshing take on an old genre.

My only gripe is that some of the more intimate scenes like hugging or kissing weren't drawn. (Nothing too intimate,just a cute little smooch or hug pic). They would have made for some lovely gallery pics since the art is already nicely drawn.

All involved in making this should be very proud.


this game looks really intriguing! but sadly it crushes on my pc as soon as I open it every time :c


Please email me and I can send you a zipped file that hopefully will work.


lovely game!


i love this game omg

honestly kudos to you for adding the outfit combinations and character customization. i have never seen a game do that before. i love the writing, i love the characters, and i love everything about this game.  thank you for making such a heavenly game <3


I LOVE this game!!! I can't even express how fortunate I feel that something like it exists, from the dress up component (please, YES, my favorite and I LOVE the combinations and choices!!!) to having a grandpa who looks like the avatar, to the very real struggles and nuanced challenges that the plot handles. 


  • never have i played a game that gave avatar items based off choices, and i LOVE IT??? 
  • holy melanin hunks, batman, IS THIS HEAVEN??????
  • playing feels like getting a hug, and also like i accomplished something since i'm *reading* so oprah i'm doing you proud girl. it is a comfortable pace with the text, i don't feel overwhelmed but want to keep reading.
  • YOU GET TO SASS BACK WHEN THINGS GO DOWN. LORD THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT, no otome is safe from dumb moments from our beloved suitors but the fact that we can say something? this spine of mine feels soooooo good
  • for myself, my avatar has dark skin and seeing someone who looks like me in a plant setting? it's a really big deal. historically our people were forced to work fields, so to see that flipped with them sustaining themselves through flowers? y'all this is big for my soul's healing, don't underestimate the power of gaming.


amazing job, truly. i send you endless gratitude and adoration, this is just...everything. i can't wait to keep playing!! 

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 This game was soo cute, fun and I loved the love triangle(s) and DOMINIQUE. There is usually one LI that I find unlikeable in otome games but not this time! I also love the fact that this game actually had a cast (and love interests!!) made up of  POC. It's so rare (when it really shouldn't be) 

Great job :) (Loved the character customization too!)


This was such a sweet and unique game! Thanks so much for your hard work in creating it. I'll definitely be replaying this story over and over. 


After downloading the game, i couldn't get off my computer before completing it. It's captivating and fun and just so refreshing. 

I loved the fact that clothes are unlockable by choices. I don't think i've ever seen that in another game. It takes character customization to a whole new level. 

All of the characters are stunning including the main character but I'm definitly in love with Gabriel x) Thank you for bringing this beautiful game to the world!


Once I downloaded this game, OMG. So amazing, i wish there were more chapters. The characters were great and the function of dressing up the MC as the story progresses was so much fun. 5 Stars my dears!


This seems really cute! Unfortunately I didn't get to play long because I have a long work week so I'm excited to play it during my day off when that eventually happens. But I do have a question if the sweet/spicy affects the relationships with the RO's? Or just in obtaining certain scenes? Either way this is adorable so far and I absolutely love the art and that the MC is customizable- Can never get enough of that, especially with such great options! :)


No problem, I hope you enjoy it when you can! The sweet and spicy dynamic is what unlocks the styles of clothing that you can wear. It is a mechanic completely independent of what the LIs like because I didn't want players to feel pressured to dress a certain way to get the LIs attention. :^) There are also a few scenes which are unlocked based off of it, but not too many. Most locked scenes are based on whose points you have the most of.

Thank you! I'll relay your comments to the artist!

Show post...

The game pretty fun with decent art, overall it's nice for a short casual game. But I don't like it when my choice inclined toward Gabriel, and I avoid Armando as much as I can, and yet he told me that I've to "take responsibility (about Armando)"???

I see your cmt about join the otome jam and releasing more relatively so I look forward for that.

I'm sorry about that! That is lack of foresight for me as a writer and all I can promise is to improve for the future. Thank you for your honesty and for still looking forward to my games!


I tried opening the Mac version of the game from the app and for some odd reason, it keeps on glitching out???? I opened other games from the app directly after this happened so I don't think it's an issue with my device, but I am very confused lollll.

Do you have any idea what this might be or any suggestions? I would love to play your game, it looks absolutely lovely!!!

Thanks again and congratulations on the game release! :)


I'm not sure what's going on! I just updated the builds so can you try it now? If not, please contact me at

I tried downloading the PC version and its giving me an error. Is there a different way i can download it?


I can send you a copy! My email is Please email me and I'll reply with a copy of the game!

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This is so super cute!! The story is sweet and the characters are lovely! The customisation is always such a wonderful addition too! - though I have absolutely no idea how to access the wardrobe/change clothes unless its purely a 'only at certain times' option haha.

If you go in the extras page, you can dress up the MC just for fun. Otherwise, you can only change outfits at certain points. I didn't think to add that as an option.... sorry about that.

It's alright! It certainly doesn't detract from the enjoyment found at all so don't worry! In fact the only thing I could even say on that front is the whole forced Armando with no way around it thing - and even that is nowhere near enough to take away from the lovely work you've created.

Ah, yes. A few people mentioned that XD

I definitely could've added more branching but I was in a rush to release it before otome jam started today so that's my own fault. Nothing you can do but do better next time! Thank you for enjoying it! :D


Ahh this is so super cute! I love that the MC is customizable and that  a lot (at least it appears that way) of characters are BIPOC as that's usually not the case. Regardless, overall very cute thank you!


Yes! All of the cast are BIPOC. :^) The MC is, even, if you consider that her grandfather is black. ^^ Thank you for enjoying the game!


This is super cute! Picking outfits was fun and I liked that the sweet options didn't seem too wimpy. I did feel a little like I was strong-armed into leading Armando on - I told him at the beginning he wasn't my type but everyone kept indicating that I was leading him on, and I wasn't sure how to get out of that? But the overall story was fun and I loved saving the flower shop!


I'm glad you had fun! I am sorry about that! I thought I gave enough choices to not reciprocate Armando's growing crush, but it's hard to strike the balance. I'm glad you liked the overall story though and I'll be sure to improve in writing for the next time!

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Reasons to play: 

1) fun character customization and dress-up features

2) fantastic romanceable characters

3) beautiful art

4) upbeat music that you can bop to as you play


6) ...I know there are more reasons, but y'all, just play it for yourselves! So fun! 


Ok, I had to stay past 1AM  just to finish this!It's not often that I find otome that I find all their romantic interests compelling but's one of those. Although it didn't feel that long, the pacing was not rushed,and the sprites for the characters and backgrounds were simply gorgeous to look at.Plus the characters didn't come across like stereotypes,and most importantly the protagonist was not presented as a crybaby, even when I chose the "sweet" answers.Overall, incredible game, I'm definitely looking forward to your future projects! ^-^ 

Aww, thank you for sacrificing sleep to spend time with us folks at Merry Marigolds. I'm glad you enjoyed the art and the game overall. I really had a lot of fun making this game! Thank you for saying it was incredible. I'll be participating in otome jam and hopefully releasing more relatively soon so keep an eye out!


omgggg so excited for this!!!! Gabriel I'm coming for you!!!!! I'll be sure to rate & review upon completion ^_^ 


LOL! I'm excited for you to play the finished copy! Thank you! I look forward to it ^^

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