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Aureve is an android, content with a life of weaving silk tapestries alongside her master--but when he dies, his family sells her off due to her being a rogue: a self-aware android.

Thrown into a new home of refuge for rogues, the newly freed Aureve must find her place amongst them and answer the question once and for all: how does one weave a new identity when the strings to the old have been cut?

Inspired by lore from the likes of Cupid and Psyche, The Wizard of Oz, Pinocchio and other beloved tales, Belle Automata is the journey of an android reinventing herself. Join Aureve and the others as they forge their own paths dealing with love, self-acceptance, and grief for a life left behind.

For Aureve, choices were always a world unknown--but now her life is full of them. Stripped of her purpose and her past, her only choice is to face the future.

The perfect butler, Victor can do it all. Organizing, cleaning, gardening, yes. But feeling? Now that might be too much to ask...
Exclusively a love interest in Belle Automata: Chronicle I.

Aureve's reclusive purchaser is known only by his online handle, "the Nightmare Prince." What happened to convince this dreamer that he's a nightmare?
Exclusively a love interest in Belle Automata: Chronicle I.

Replaced by an upgrade, Zaffre is a former virtual popstar adjusting to life working behind the scenes. Just... don't call him Zaffrey.
Exclusively a love interest in Belle Automata: Chronicle II. 

The handyman of the house with a mask of cheer, Diego holds a secret. He can fix anything--if only he could fix himself...
Exclusively a love interest in Belle Automata: Chronicle II.

This absent-minded psychologist and mechanic solves everyone's problems but can't figure out a hypothesis of his own: can love be borne of artificial means?
Exclusively a love interest in Belle Automata: Chronicle III.

Hard to read and harder to understand, Roman is the charming elder brother of the Nightmare Prince. What guilt hides behind his endearing smile?
Exclusively a love interest in Belle Automata: Chronicle III.

  • A renameable heroine
  • 100,000+ words of professionally written dialogue
  • 7-10 hours of gameplay (depending on reading speed)
  • Full voice acting (English)
  • 2 romanceable characters (Victor & the Nightmare Prince)
  • 6 endings

Coming soon: Chronicle 2

2022 Hand Eye Society Super Festival Showcase2022 Windies Direct Showcase2022 GDoC Showcase2022 Black Card Gala

"Belle Automata is the type of otome VN one can lose oneself in, and I mean that in the best possible way. I’m already looking forward to the future release of the next Chronicles." - RPGFan

"A triumph for the indie otome sphere...the blossoming relationships in both available routes are believable and well-paced as well as being unashamedly wholesome to boot." - Rice Digital

"Aureve continues Jellyfish Parade’s trend towards fun relatable heroine characters, and her design is absolutely gorgeous!" - BlerdyOtome

"If you’re looking for a sweet, moving, otome game with a stunning MC and unique premise, then I highly recommend adding Belle Automata to your wishlist." - Sweet & Spicy Reviews

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owl., Project Head, Lead Developer, Writer, Soundtrack & Ageha, Producer, Narrative Designer and Community Manager

In collaboration with:

Shannon Chou, writer
, voice of Aureve
Tareek Talati, voice of Diego
Brandon P. Jenkins, voice of Victor
Noah Belachew, voice of the Nightmare Prince
Jerron Bacat, voice of Zaffre
Davon Oliver, voice of Klaus
Maximus Singleton, voice of Roman
Goya Munoz, BG artist
Keirin, sprite artist
Trailer, Foxdrift Studios
Sapphire, CG artist
ssaxifrage, GUI creator
Matt Dear, audio engineer

With additional CC BGs provided by UncleMugen

UPDATED 8 March 2023

Minor CG updates

Slightly simplified Nightmare Prince route. You can now get four choices wrong and still reach his best ending. :^)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(72 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAmare, Anime, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, Futuristic, Otome, Romance, Sci-fi, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

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Worth of time


Long-form review here, for the curious!


I love sci fi, nonhuman characters, and questions of humanity and ethics, so this game was absolutely up my alley! I was a Kickstarter backer, and have actually been hyped for this game for several months. After finishing the first Chronicle, I am pleased to say that this game absolutely lived up to my expectations, and I enjoyed it immensely!

The writing for this game is excellent. The dialogue was fun and relatable, and the voice acting was stellar and fits perfectly with the writing. I am glad the creators were able to include the full voice acting, because it is beautiful and adds so much to the game. I don't play many games with full English VA, so it was a treat to hear everything in my native language. I especially love our voiced MC!

For the overall plot and theming, I would call this a sci-fi slice-of-life. The character interactions, and character development are where this game really shines. The world building is not the focus of the game, and while there is some to create the setting, it is on the less developed side. This was especially obvious in the endings, which wrapped up well but did not necessarily explore the world. (This may be touched on more in the additional DLC routes! I do hope so, for while I don't feel that every sci-fi story needs to be an epic adventure, I am partial to them myself )

This first Chronicle contains two routes, Victor and The Nightmare Prince. Both routes were really lovely and well done. My personal favorite was Victor, TNP was a great route but ultimately not my type.

Side characters include Diego, Zaffre, Roman, and Klaus. These are all characters that will receive routes in future DLCs. They do have a strong presence in these two routes, hanging out with Aureve as well as each other which results in strong bonds across the cast - something I always appreciate in visual novels. They are also teased just enough to make me very curious about their routes!

I would be remiss to talk about the game without speaking in Aureve! She is a wonderful heroine, and I really enjoyed stepping into her shoes. She is kind, levelheaded, and has a fun sense of humor light spoiler, but she likes to [spoiler]tease the LIs[/spoiler], which I adore). She is also incredibly beautiful, and I love seeing her change her hairstyle!

I really enjoyed the art, and think the sci-fi theming is really well done. The sprites are honestly stunning, and have a good range of expressions. The backgrounds are clean and fit the theme. The cgs are sweet, but a little stiff at times.

I do want to note that this visual novel is quite difficult. There is no in-game indicator of correct choices nor is the text always clear which answer is 'correct', and the good ends are somewhat difficult to get. I expect that there will be fan-quides available shortly after release so this might well be a non-issue, but you will want to be prepared to reference one to get that sweet, sweet good ending rush!

Overall, this is a lovely story and well worth playing. I can't wait until the next chapter!


Okay!! I officially have a playthrough of TNP and Victor's route under my belt and I enjoyed both immensely.  I even more excited (and impatient) for Chronicles 2 and 3 😙

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Congratulations on your game release. I absolutely love this game, the design, the love interests, the story concept is amazing and can't wait for the release of Chronicles 2 and 3!

But please is there any walkthrough/guide for this game? I feel dumb always getting the bad ending and I've googled it still can't find it. 

Thanks so much for playing the game, we're so glad you're enjoying it! There's no community walkthrough at this time, but you can hop into Discord to discuss strategy with other players! There's an official perfect ending guide on jellyfish-parade.com, but it's currently $2 to support the game's ongoing development.


Is there a chance of getting a walkthrough I just keep reaching bad ends 

Hi! There's no community walkthrough at this time, but you can hop into Discord to discuss strategy with other players! There's an official perfect ending guide on jellyfish-parade.com, but it's currently $2 to support the game's ongoing development.


I love everything this team does, but Belle Automata exceeds all expectations. It's a gorgeous and emotionally impressive story with an amazing diverse cast (I cannot get enough of all the melanin on my screen). 

I like a challenge, so stiff butler Victor is my all time favorite. He is just so much fun to tease, but I am super curious about Zaffre's route (he is hilarious as a side character, I have to see how his full route turns out).

will it get android version

Hello! Unfortunately not as the game is massive due to the full voice acting.

Thank you for your interest however and my apologies for this limitation.


cant voice just be removed in android build??

Doing so would require recreating the entire project from scratch so while technically it can be done, there are no plans to do so in the future.


omg the designs are so cute, I love.


Hey, may I ask what is the concept of the "chronicles" exactly? I see the love interests are always exclusive to one specific chronicle, but how does that work? Are these variants to the story, like different paths it may take, or are these sequels to one another, or something else?


It's just two routes packaged together at a time but they all run concurrently on the same timeline.

In the end all six characters will be romanceable in one game but we're breaking it up for faster release!


Oh okay, thank you!

I was a bit worried it would be something like the various LIs appearing only during a third of the story, and then not anymore, which would be sad! I'll try out the demo later, then! Didn't want to get invested if it was something like that, since the LIs that interest me the more are in the first chronicle.


Oh, I see! No, all of the characters show up in each other's routes regardless of if they're being romanced or not.

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Great game! Aureve is very beautiful! <3


game so pretty and cute


Thank you so much!


I can tell this is going to be a masterpiece, your writing is simply amazing and the characters are so intriguing! I am dying to know more about the Nightmare Prince. ;) Good luck with your Kickstarter!


Really hope the kickstarter will be successful, this game honestly just deserves to be fully released it's already too good!! I already love the art and the voices of each character so much 


Victor seems just like the type I like to see flustered. :D The Nightmare Prince sounds mysterious too. I hope the kickstarter will be successful!


So nice!! I loved this preview and am excited for the future full release! 


Wow! I'm honored that you checked out my game! Thank you so much :D


Super excited for this one!! Ofc I had to back on Kickstarter 🤗


I'm glad to hear it <3 Thank you so much for the support!

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Such a pretty MC! You are super talented! I would love to see the world through your eyes, your artwork is so perfect!


Ah! Thank you but I'm not the artist! The artist is credited in game.  It's actually Keiran. Still, thank you for the compliments!


Good luck on the crowdfunding! At least I'm interested to see who Nightmare Prince is :D


He's a fun character to write, hehe. I'm 21k into his route and my betas like him quite a bit so far!