A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

DISCLAIMER. THIS PROJECT WAS CREATED IN 60 DAYS FOR A GAME JAM IN 2021. Although it is flawed, it is more or less complete and each volunteer of the project has moved on.

Iluna [renameable] is the newest moon of the Lunefille system. On behalf of her planet, starless in the darkness, she seeks to find a celestial partner who will rule by her side... and in her heart. Follow this moon's journey into traditional love alongside a sun, tragic love with a black hole or forbidden love with a meteor in this regency style sci-fi fantasy delight.

Love Interests.


  • 5-8~ hours of content, depending on reading speed
  • 3 completed routes
  • 3 ending CGs for the perfect endings
  • 9 endings
  • 3 personality choice types for the MC (Formal, Humble & Playful)
  • 6 chibi CGs to collect
  • Lots of accidental bugs, mostly with sprite's clothes popping off

POTENTIAL Upcoming Features.

  • Music in the Vallendester route
  • 3 extra unlockable scenes post-ending

Full Credits.

Full Walkthrough.

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Celestia [WINDOWS] 277 MB
Celestia [MAC] 259 MB
Celestia - The Official Walkthrough.pdf 1 MB

Install instructions

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This was such an enjoyable play, I really like Sekhoe and the story in general!


This was quite pleasant. It's a rather quick game to play, so it's fun and easy to explore the other routes as well. At times, I was a bit confused by the lore but playing the other routes helped with that.

The only thing I could really "complain" about - it didn't bother me, but some people it might - was that some routes didn't have background music. I think it was mainly Valle's route.

Otherwise a lovely game with interesting characters! Cheers!

I followed Valles walkthrough but there was no like final CG for his route?

May I ask what was the name of the ending you had?

I love this game so much, I wish that it were longer. <3 

i love this game

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I am a trans male and I would really love it if you added pronouns and maybe a male avatar for MC. Also maybe allow us to like chose if we want a dress or suit. I am a feminine boy that's why.

Edit: Might I be so kind as to ask why this is getting down votes?


because it's an otome game... with a female protagonist to focus on... ^^" 

the way that i immediately fell inlove with sekheo and valle ever since i first saw them and this visual novel made me so emotional especially on sekheo's route. i know many people have said this but this visual novel is so beautifully written that i can't help wanting for more!


For a shorter game, this is great! I enjoyed more than I thought I would. I haven't completed it yet but i'm definitely going to come back to it.

Such an interesting concept! I really like this one <3 The "forbidden romance" and the conflict in being with lil Mr black hole was juuuicy 


i did the prince sekheo route and i did like it, but there is a bug where the mc clothes disappear just before the ceremony XD but all in all it is enjoyable just wish there was more cg and a epilogue scene would be nice too. good job on this it really nice.


So delightful! Please write more. The art is amazing.

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I love the game thus far!  (Just started playing)

However, something to keep in mind in future, the name font while it is  nice , it is a bit too unreadable. 

You might want to stick with something that is easier to read in future.


hands down, one of my favorite visual novels of the month! I'm not quite done with all the routes, i might come back to gush about the game again, but so far having played sekheo's route? I'm utterly in love. Not only with that fine man but also the writing, the pacing, the romance, the feelings, and the freedom the options give me. it's a winner, baby! I wish the devs and this visual novel nothing except the absolute best. <3


So beautifully written/created! This might be my favorite otome game of all time if not top 3. love the setting, art, music, writing, character development, and premises. Simply amazing, I'll be following your other works and i hope you continue working on this. This is such an original, magical concept and i want to experience this world you created so it would be great to see some kind of sequel or some other kind of expansion. thank you for this beautiful work of art. there's not much i would change because everything else makes up for it but at the top of my head, maybe solis' perfect ending could be different and maybe more complex dialogue options/branching. either way it's a 5/5

Hi, this is such a lovely game, i loved the story and the characters, i've only tried vallen's route so far and i'm having a problem, i don't know what i'm doing wrong or if it's a bug but even by following the walkthrough i can only get the neutral ending, is that supoosed to happen? Is the perfect ending not implemented yet? 

I still had a great time reading it, and everything looked great :)

Huh! That's strange..... There's definitely a perfect ending. I must've coded something wrong orz;;; I'm a bit busy ATM but I'll update as soon as I can!

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Hey i checked again last night and in the first choice i made sure to pick the third one this time and  i finally got the perfect ending, since this choice wasn't in the walkthrough i just thought it didn't matter what i selected there, the only bug i noticed was in sekheo's route, where the MC's clothes vanished near the end xD, otherwise everything was perfect, i loved the story, the characters, the music, the art, 10/10 would play again :D!

Man, I really want to try out the game but it keeps crashing the second the window pops up ;-; Sometimes it gets on the title screen, but only for a few seconds before it shuts off again. Well, even if I can't play it, the art and premise of the story still look wonderful! Kudos to the developer :D

I have the same problem! i download the windows version!

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Hey, I've noticed a few people have said this and I'm not sure why it's happening so I'm going to recommend you send me an email at misse.chouette@ gmail.com and I'll email you a copy.

Hey, I've noticed a few people have said this and I'm not sure why it's happening so I'm going to recommend you send me an email at misse.chouette@ gmail.com and I'll email you a copy.

Hello, I've just started a gameplay of the game and everything looks good so far! Everyone is so pretty! I'm looking forward to finishing the game~

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Thank you sooo much for doing a let's play! Your EVNtuber is sooo cute too! I love your commentary and listening to you read was so nice. I look forward to the other episodes if you do more!

Also your pronunciation of the fantasy names was perfect!

Thank you! I'm glad that I haven't butchered the name, haha. I'm going to do another episode too, so I hope that you will follow the playthrough! The second playthrough had been up! 

I just started the game but the characters are not showing up (I haven't gone past the name change screen - the faces sometimes show up. otherwise, it is a white box where the face was. I am redownloading to see if that was the issue.

I'm sorry to hear you're having an issue! Was that the problem?

If not, are you Mac or PC? 


What a lovely game <3 

As a character, I just loved Vallendester the best! He's the greatest friend, ever. He's so supportive of the MC, whatever she does or whoever she loves and I just love these kinds of friendships *o* I can't decide whether I liked him better as a friend or a lover heh. 

I loved Sekheo's romantic route the best! So juicy with drama (especially the end) and feelings, and so wonderfully written too ehehe. Aesthetically, Sekheo's starry night cape is so pleasing. I might hafta swipe it from him real quick....

The MC was such a sweetheart. I played a humble or a playful MC, and she had some top notch banter. 

I liked Solis too, just he was a bit too mean to be my favorite. He did repent later on though, that was good. 

The CGs were super cute, and the sprite work was lovely! I liked the art styles sort of matched each other. 

Overall a wonderful game! 

(note: I SQUEALED when the MC lost her clothes on Sekheo's route. XD)


I think I loved Valle the best. He has such a good character background, is such a good friend in every route, and really sticks out as the best partner to me. I love how the characters interact with each other. They aren't over the top and are instead written like real people.

 Sekheo was written well (a little dramatic in the end but it all made sense well enough). His story was good but I think more time researching with him would've been nice). The MC is a little pushy in his route but not usually overly so. It is an understandably sad route but with good bits of character building and fun.

Valle was the best IMO. He's super understanding even in everyone elses routes. He's a pillar for your character and supports the MC so well. Very interesting character I wish we got more information about but I get why it was short. Only issue: (Not sure why the MC agrees with him that their first date didn't go well? He has a demanding job. It makes sense that he had to go. It would be like dating a doctor or a police officer or something.)

Solis I played first and I'm glad. He's sweet but mean to Valle. He doesn't seem to understand that Valle is totally different than the other stars that stopped doing their jobs. I think we should've yelled at him more in his and Valle's routes. His route alone is sweet and normal with a little bit of a bitter taste because he's mean to your best friend. In Valle's route though.... He's a total butthole. And Valle is even nice to you when you choose Solis and still supports you.

Ranting sorry. It is a really good game and I love the art. The range of facial expression is really good and I love the chibi art as fill ins. Definitely recommend!

A very interesting game!  I covered it in Part 3 of my Otome Jam reviews! C: Starts at 3:19.


We saw! Thank you so much for the review and for your kind words. :D

Yay!  You're very welcome! C:


"Lots of accidental bugs, mostly with sprite's clothes popping off." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm rolling XD

I will most definitely play this game soon! I will post my thoughts after playing ASAP or when I'm available. And AHAHAHAHA I agree with @Legendary_Zathura below XD I can't stop laughing XD

I thiiiink we got them all but feel free to let me know otherwise, haha.

I'm excited to hear your thoughts so feel free to share them! And of course, to you too, I promise that I'm not yelling, haha!

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omg lmao I'm not used to this type of font so when I checked out the comments I thought everyone was just screaming at each other lol

haven't started this yet but it looks really good, can't wait to play it


LOLLLL sorry about that. I promise I'm not yelling ;^)

Thank you for your consideration! I hope you enjoy it when you do play!


All routes held a place in my heart: Solis with his lost puppy face (the MC helped him find self-awareness and made him a better version of himself because of it), Sekheo who I couldn't help feeling for (finding a connection without being a black hole is extremely difficult and lonely, I couldn't imagine the pain of being in his position), and lastly Valle, my absolute favorite because of his chemistry with the MC, his roguish charms, and I felt like I could relate to him the most (his yearning for a sense of self-identity and freedom).  <3

Besides the lovable characters, I also really enjoyed the story and background of Celestia, trying to find a celestial partner was a new, utterly romantic concept. Thanks for the time and effort put into creating this enchanting story. I'm looking forward to more projects from you all in the future >_<


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! It's a bit silly maybe but I got the idea for Celestia when I was staring at a very starry sky. I thought, what if one of the stars descended? What would it say to me right now? And from there I developed the main concept and world of Celestia.

I'm grateful that our team could bring this world to life! If you enjoyed this game then you might also enjoy of ice and snow, although the game is much shorter, it has some similarities in tonality. :^)

I hope you enjoy the future projects of Jellyfish Parade!


I was instantly sold when i saw Solis' blushy face, thank you for that. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Solis is a very blushy boi and we love him for it!! You're so welcome!


Omg, only just started but already i find the UI just gorgeous. Sekheo is who's caught my eye just on first impression, so we'll see how that goes!


Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the game and that you enjoy Sekheo's route. Feel free to let us know your thoughts when you have a chance!


I love the art and the characters. I've only started playing and I'm drawn to Sekheo. Let's see how that goes. I really like the game. I will try and play multiple routes to see if my feel for Sekheo is true.  


Thanks for your interest! Did your love for Sekheo prove true?


To be honest I was expecting to be fond of Sekheo's route the most, finding warmth in Valle's route and disdaining the route of proud Solis.

My love of Sekheo was further fueled in the two other routes as he proved a good listener and advisor. 

Valle was always the good friend I could be myself around throughout all routes. 

So I left Solis to last, expecting minimal favourtism, however that shifted. 

I was put off by his viewing of human and 'status' in addition to his proud demeanor however his willingness to attempt and see things from my POV was greatly appreciated.

And I especially, I say especially LOVED teasing him. His reactions were quiet cute.

To my surprise I began to tilt towards Solis who is now deemed my favourite :)

The characters are beautiful and I love~ The sprites

Unfortunately, I was unable to see the CG for Velle's route despite receiving a 'Perfect End' however I am content. 

Thankyou for intricately creating this visual novel. 

Blessings to you :)


Like you said, all the routes are loveable in their own ways, yet I have the softest spot for Solis UwU I couldn't help but fall for him and his nerdiness :'D



where can I find the playthrough guide?


It's just been uploaded. Thank you for your patience!


Just finished the game! Thankfully I got all perfect end without walkthrough ahaha

The concept of this game is very interesting, albeit it has a sad undertone overall with them having so little time with each other, but it makes the little time even more precious :) I like Sekheo's route the most, it was so angsty ugh but I felt so bad for Solis though so I immediately played Solis' afterwards haha.

Though I had a bug where Iluna's clothing is gone in Sekheo's route though and I just... covered her with my hand while screaming "WOMAN!! where is your clothes??!" It was definitely a lol moment 

I have a question though... Are they able to converse with each other when they're in their real bodies (sun, moon, meteor)??? o.o been wondering for awhile how it works now


Congrats! Nice work!

Thank you for enjoying our game and its lore and everything. Sekheo's route theme was tragic love so I'm glad that could be felt in his route!

Solis is an underrated fave of mine so I hope you enjoyed his route too. Sorry about the bugs! I think we fixed them all now, haha.

As for your question....... according to legend, some say that celestials can communicate telepathically and that if you listen carefully on clear nights, you can hear the moon singing out into the stars...

It could just be legend though. No human knows for sure. ;^)

I found Solis cute with the way he blushes easily... But i can't lie some aspect of his personality is my personal pet peeves so I don't love him that much, though he did redeem himself in the end so it's alright ahaha, if i rank them it would be Sekheo, Val, Solis respectively. 

Thank you for answering my curiosity! Well I'm glad that they seem able to communicate or else they would be veeery lonely for centuries :"


Really beautiful :3 Sekheo is probably my favourite! I shall await the walkthrough so that I can be a lazy bugger in finding all the stuff I didn't manage to see on my first playthrough! I always go blind on my first, haha. Then I resort to guides >.<


Thank you! Sekheo seems to be the fan favorite, haha. The guide comes out tomorrow! I hope you enjoy it!

I get only Sekheo neutral and bad end,how can I get a good end ?


I'll be posting a walkthrough on July 6th! Until then, thank you for your patience! :^)



(This review contains spoilers btw :) )





I just wanted to express how much I loved this game! I'm usually one for multichaptered, lenghty VNs/Otome but there are so few regency Otome out there (my favourite being Lady's choice, which is what this game reminded me of at first!) that I couldn't resist trying this one out!

I played Valle's route first because I'm a huge sucker for the flirty characters AND rogues, so him being both made him my initial favourite. I got his perfect ending right away and was so happy!! So cute!! And the chibis omggg absolutely adorable! I liked him even more when we learned that they knew each other before Illuna became a celestial; rogue, sarcastic, flirty, friends to lovers??? He ticked all my boxes and I genuinely thought there was no way otherroutes could be better. Oh boy. Oooohhhhh boy was I wrong.

I couldn't sleep so I decided to play Sekheo's route. He's so charming, so understanding; I was completely immersed in his route. There were so many times where the emotions I felt were so strong I had to close my eyes and try not to squeal (when he jokes that he's sad all the time, when the townspeople's fear drove him away, when they run under the rain and Illuna attempts to fix his hair, when she invites him in her room to help her place books and he expects something else and when he tells her she'd be better off with Solis, etc).

So many sad and beautiful moments, so many sweet and tender ones. I hated that Illuna was trying to save him without realizing that she was also hurting him in the process, but at the same time I wanted her to tear down his walls, to give him fond memories for him to remember when his time comes. Oh and the moment he said he didn't want her to become his one regret? I have to admit a little tear slipped... 

I have so much more to say about how much I loved his route and why but I think you get the gist of it xD (like when he got excited about recommending poetry to illuna, what a nerd i love him). I got the neutral ending first, and it was honestly quite beautiful. I did cry after all, the moment Sekheo started crying as well. It was so unexpected, I felt my heart bleed. 

I was disappointed I got the neutral ending first though, so I spent around 30 minutes taking different combinations of choices, but strangely, I always got his neutral ending??? After half an hour of skipping and making new choices everytime, I ended up thinking this was the only possible ending for him, which I thought made sense given his condition, so I resolved to move on to Solis' route with a heavy heart. However I was drawn to him once again and went to the balcony after valle's and Solis' argument, which lead me to his route again lol.

But to my surprise, romancing him through solis' route lead me to his bad ending?? By that i mean that the initial choice i made before the story even began, when illuna recalls her lover's gaze at the ball, was solis. After some more tears at his bad ending, I decided to try his route through Valle's, while keeping most of the choices I made when I got his neutral ending, and that got me his perfect ending. I'm quite confused about that. I'm not sure if a single choice I made turned his story around (because i don't think i made more than one variation to the choices compared to his neutral end, and as i said, multiple combinations gave me that ending) or if by selecting him at first when we choose the route only leads to his neutral ending. I downloaded this game yesterday before the update, I'm not sure if that matters. 

Either way, despite strongly dislking open endings and bittersweet endings, Sekheo's neutral ending was by far my favourite. I dont know if it's because reaching his perfect end required me to skip through so much text for over 45 minutes so that broke the immersion a bit, but despite the neutral end being so bittersweet I found it so beautiful. Ah, and chibi Sekheo!!! I want to put him in my pocket!!! So cute!!!! Can you tell he's my favourite?? Can you??

As for Solis, I must admit that I couldn't finish it yet, since I couldn't stop thinking about the prince :') I will leave my review here once I complete it but for now I just need to replay the prince's route one last time :')

Thank you for such a beautiful game, I'm so glad I didn't skip over it! It was a lot more lengthy that I expected too, so thank you for that as well!

I'm so sorry for leaving such a lengthy comment, i swear i tried to keep it short but i wanted to really convey how much i loved this story!


Wow, thank you for such an in depth review! I absolutely love that you love Sekheo. Something about that warm, cooled down demeanor makes you think of a person who used to be as bright as a sun. ;^)

Sekheo is one of my favorite creations as a character so I really like him. I wanted his story to be sad but it was admittedly difficult to strike that balance between justifiably gloomy and downright depressing because I didn't want Sekheo to feel like a emo whiner, but rather like someone who has simply accepted his fate. And yes! I also think mini!Sekheo is adorable so I am thankful to the chibi artist for that! I like the one where he's sleeping, haha.

Thank you for not skipping over it as well! Thank you so much for your in-depth commentary as well <3333


I just finished all three routes and this game is so cute! I love all the characters and Iluna is such a lovely MC. The concept is charming, the art is charming, the writing is lovely, and the characters are unique while still maintaining all of the wonderful recognizable qualities of their respective tropes. The UI is simple but pretty, and everything works so well together. 

When I started playing, I encountered some of the same issues that others have commented, namely regarding the missing dress assets in a few scenes in Sekheo's route. But I downloaded the updated version and quickly played through it to check for any issues, and it seems the problem has been resolved now. Other than a few typos in Solis' route, the game is very clean and polished and looks great! Thank you for sharing such a sweet story.

I'm about to get spoilery and probably rambling, so heads up to anyone who might see this. if you haven't played the game yet, please do and stop reading this comment now...




I played Sekheo's route first because I was immediately drawn to his character and because Valle is ~my type~ and I wanted to save him for last. I was able to get Sekheo's perfect ending just choosing the options I liked the most, so that was rewarding. His story had a lot of angst and sadness, but it was beautiful, had a lot of depth, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel like Sekheo's route was the one that focused the most on the love interest and didn't allow for Iluna's development enough--which was frustrating at times-- but Sekheo is so wonderful that I couldn't be too upset. 

I played Solis second and I'm still conflicted on that dude. He's gorgeous, so he has that going for him! I actually really liked him in Sekheo's route, so I was looking forward to playing him next. and I did enjoy his route, but I was only able to get the neutral end at first because whenever I had the chance to call him out on his crap, I did. I preferred the neutral end, I think, because I really liked having the option to effectively say "You're being a jerk right now and I remember when you were a jerk to my friend, too." There were times when he was flustered and sweet that my perpetual frowny face flipped around haha. Really, the most impressionable part of Solis's route were the scenes with Sekheo and Valle. Their budding friendship was adorable, especially in the checkers scene. 

Valle. Valle, Valle, Valle. You managed to combine the rogue character and the best friend character into one massively satisfying love interest. I loved his story the most, I think, because it allowed us to explore Iluna's character more. She seemed the most fully realized in Valle's route, and maybe definitely it's me projecting, but I feel like Iluna and Valle had the best chemistry with each other out of the three LIs. One thing I missed in Valle's route was him calling Iluna "Dove" all the time. As they got closer, he dropped the nickname, and I know and understand why that was a deliberate choice, but I admit I found myself missing it a little bit haha. I also felt his ending was more rushed than the other two, and I didn't feel quite as satisfied with the perfect ending as I had with Sekheo and Solis. I loved the scenes with Sekheo in Valle's route, especially all of the times he gave her really, really good advice. He's such a calming character. 

Anyway, that was a lot more than I intended to say when I started this, but here we are. This is such a cute project, and I will definitely be sharing it with my friends! 

Thank you for playing through the whole game! I'm really happy that the writing was captivating enough for you to enjoy everything. Iluna is a sweetheart and I sometimes feel that an MC doesn't have to be fierce to be interesting.  So overall, yhank you!

Yes, sorry LOL! We rushed to the finish line and didn't have time to play test. Ahhh, I thought we got all the typos. Ah, well.

Thank you for your in-depth review!! I'd respond to all the points but I'm afraid my answers would be even longer than the review! Haha.

To be honest, Solis and Valle's conflict is a bit hard to write because actually they're both right about each other: Valle DOES lack respect for celestials and their role in the universe... and Solis IS overly proud and prejudiced towards humans. They'll never really see eye to eye for that reason.

In any case, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! The team is elated to get feedback so I am pretty happy about that.

Until the next one,


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Hello! I played all of the routes and I have to say, Sekheo's route is my favourite because I am a sucker for angsty romance, not to mention the perfect ending is so, so sweet! Solis' perfect ending caught me by surprise because it did not feel fully completed and wrapped up like Sekheo's ending. However, I am a bit confused about Valle's route because it took me a lot of tries to get the perfect ending, so I am wondering if there are any specific choices required to get his perfect ending?


There is now a full walkthrough! :) I hope it helps!

Thank you so much!


Hello! I'm not that far into your game but I love it so much so far! The art is beautiful and I love the story and world building!! Not to mentions the characters!! I also really like being able to choose the personality a little. I wanted to report a bug however; when you go to find Vale, whether you search in or out the castle you get a game breaking bug and I have to ignore it to continue (it afterwards tell me I couldn't find vale.) I hope this helps!


Hi! Thank you for playing Celestia. I'm really happy that you're enjoying it so much!!

Also, thank you SO much for this error finding! I've fixed it so you can go ahead and download the newer version! (Your saves will roll over)


Just finished Sekheo's route and. I. LOVED. IT.

Aside from the artwork and the music, which are both magnificent BTW, I really loved how all the characters are portrayed.

Especially the fact that Sekheo is so in conflict with his feelings and that Iluna wanted to be able to love him regardless of the future, was something that really moved me.

Can't wait to try the others routes! <3

(1 edit) (+3)

Yayyy! I'm glad you enjoyed the black hole prince. His route is tragic and beautiful.

I'm glad you like the characterizations! Sekheo is a favorite of mine, haha.

Just so you know, I fixed an error in Vallendester's route so you may want to update your copy to fix a few errors (Your saves will roll over!)


Oh, I see! Thanks for letting me know ❤


Hi - really enjoying the game so far!!! Everything is gorgeous and the story is sweet. But just FYI the asset for Ilune's dress is messed up in the 32bit version. She's constantly showing up nude...

That is REALLY strange. Let me update the copy O__O

Which route did you encounter this problem in? What scene?

(1 edit)

Right at the beginning, after she first changes into the dress. And I played through to the first dance and it never appeared on her model. I think Valle's route? I can send a screenshot if you'd like. 

Edit: I reopened the 32bit version and she's clothed now? Not sure what happened, but if I see it again I'll grab a screenshot. Super great game so far though!!!

That's super strange LOL. But thank you for letting me know! Sometimes Ren'Py can be wonky. Thank you! You can email any potential screenshots to misse.chouette@gmail.com


Is this game complete?