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Nova never thought she would return to Stonewater after her grandmother passed away three years ago-- but when she inherits the home she spent her summers in as a child, she finds herself returning to the small beach town.

Mysteries abound when she receives a package containing four intricately carved frosted glass spheres and a letter from her grandmother telling her to break open her happiness.

She didn't understand at first...

But everything changed when she fell into the ocean.

Meet the Main Character:

And some mysterious bachelors...

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  • Typos fixed.
  • Broken CG in Soh's gallery fixed.
  • Nova not appearing as should and floating Isven and Ascha fixed as well.

Note: This project is commercial. Routes will retail at $6 USD each :^)

Warning: This game contains moving, flashing and blinking background effects. If you have a sensitivity to these types of effects, please turn off animations in the options menu.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAmare, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Indie, Otome, Romance, Story Rich, underwater
Average sessionA few hours


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Ocean Pearls: Kissed by the Sea [DEMO - WIN/LINUX] 134 MB
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hello! how many love interests are there? :) is the game still being made and are the indian and southern oceans not available? i noticed there is one space undiscovered in the people section of the codex


Beautiful game really pleasant gaming feeling. The table of contents to read is a great idea. And I am delighted with all the routes. Most of all, I’m happy how Soh story continues. But the postman was also quite nice. I’m looking forward to the finished game and the Kickstarter ☺️ thank you for creating this Game.

Hi! I don’t want to rush you or seem like I’m badgering you but I was wondering if this is still being worked on? 


Right now it's on the back burner but we plan on doing a Kickstarter for it in Q2 or Q3 of this year. :^)


Where can i purchase the game? Since this one is the demo.


The game is in progress and is in current development. When the game is complete, it will be available to purchase.


Ah i see, since i see some people said they like this certain person route, that certain person route, i thought the game is complete already :')

Sorry for the misunderstanding...


It's okay! They just meant they liked their section of the demo.

Just to let you know, I am releasing route by route so please just keep an eye out!


When you say releasing route by route, does that mean you've been updating the update on itch or do you have a patreon for that? Sorry if it doesn't make sense


Hello! So far, I have not released any routes yet because I am clearing out my queue of one other project, but when I release it, it will be done first on Patreon and then here.


Just played through Lemos's route, and I adore him! Nova's amazing too (it's a shame that she's the MC instead of a romanceable character lol). The two of them have some really fun chemistry!
The music and sound design are all solid, the art is gorgeous, especially CGs and backgrounds, though one of the side characters looks kinda wonky. I love the way the clothes and architecture for the different kingdoms feed us information about the cultures without being too overt with it.
Nova is just... way too relatable. I like the way a character like Lemos plays off of her a lot, I couldn't help smiling at their banter, especially the part about the orca rail.
The comedy is what stands out to me the most, but you get quite a few of those heart-pounding moments you want out of an otome game here. I can't wait for the full release! :D


First, I want to say that I too visited a beach town growing up and some of Nova's experiences are drawn from my own. Never met a seafolk there, though unfortunately. )^': Haha, but that's probably why it feels so realistic!

Thank you very much for your many compliments! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it for the most part! I've been trying not to be too lore explain-ey while also giving the oceans their own unique feel. I hope reading the full routes will satisfy any curiosities!

And thank you for liking Nova so much. She and Lemos were fun to write and I really like Lemos' route quite a lot. His will probably be released second, after Isven.

Comedy is something that I've always felt is my weak point so I can't express how gratifying of a sentence that was to read. I don't have a release date yet but I'm proofreading Isven's route as we speak. I can't wait to reveal the routes at release either! :D

I haven't finished the demo yet, but I used to visit a seaside town a lot while growing up and the intro captures that vibe PERFECTLY


First of all, love the art. Second of all, love that the cast is Black. Third of all, idc what Nova says, Soh is giving me life and I love him. (sorry Koh, you're sweet and all but ummmm...)

I hope this isn't dead!


Thank you once, thank you twice, thank you a third time! LOL. This isn't dead, I'm just working on Heroine for Hire. That project is almost released so I'll continue development of this game soon. :^)


The art and story is AMAZING!!! Makes u really wanna dig deeper, keep up the good work! U shall be blessed with the power of UwU's and OwO's.


LOL! Thank you for the UwU and OwOs both! I'm glad you enjoyed the story and the art and the mystery! I can't wait to release the first route!

Ou, I will probably purchase this when it releases! May I ask if there will be an option to purchase the full game without having to purchase each route individually? Or something like a batch that contains all the routes?

Thank you and best of luck in this game!


Thank you so much for the support! When I release the fifth, final route, I will bundle them together into a single game as a patch and people can purchase that version. The route by route release is temporary but hopefully encouragement for those hesitant to try every route.


OMG i love this game!! I only played Soh's route and Isven's route (currently playing Lemos and damn I just love him lmao) but I had to leave a comment.. Not gonna lie, this is one of the best visual novels I have played squeee!! The art is just so realistic and cute, I love the face expressions and the mer- I mean seafolk clothing. 

And like all of the comments said, NOVA IS MY GIRL!! Her sarcasm? Personality? Looks? There aren't a lot of visual novel MCs that have such a stable and fun personality like Nova. Great job on her character! This also goes to other characters- pretty much everyone. They all have their unique self which I find really nice.

Keep on the great work! I can't buy the game because I'm only a student currently but the day I can use money on games, I am going to buy this. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a route to finish.

Also am I the only one who wants Pharaj as a love interest-


You know, ironically, I fretted over Lemos because I worried that he would be TOO snarky, but people?? love him??? LOL I tell you, as a creator, I worry for nothing sometimes. One of the best?! That's SUCH a compliment omg.  LOL YES, the very careful distinction.

Nova was someone I worried about too. She's not a re-nameable MC, she's got short hair and she's got such fire that I feel like OP isn't really good for self-inserting BUT I really wanted to write her story. I'm glad you like the characters!

Thank you for the support anyway! Comments like these really keep me going so I really appreciate it. ^^

Last but not least, I thought Ascha would be the character that gave everyone side-character syndrome. How surprising that it's Pharaj XDDDD. Thanks again for the kind words!

The art is gorgeous! Nova is quite a character too)) Can't wait for the release. Which will be the first one (if it's not a sercet)?))


Thank you so much! Nova's got moxie and it's super fun to write. It's not a secret but I haven't announced it publicly yet. Isven's will be first.

Will the full game be free to play?

(2 edits)

It will not, no. Each route will cost $6 USD.

Just a quick heads up, the Itch.io launcher app isn't detecting the demo files for installation. 

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Thank you! I think I fixed it now.


I played through the game once and will leave a longer comment later, because I have to know the result of every choice, but for now.

Me: Wow, I really love Lemos! He and Nova are already clearly into each other and work really well. I wonder how his route is going to go?

Me: *analyzes what he says*

Me: *reads the lore*

Me: *chuckles* Oh, Nova's in danger.


LOL! I love people who analyze because actually I tried to make the mystery aspect something that the player could work out somethings but not others. I'm so curious as to what "trouble" you think Nova's going to encounter. Thanks so much for playing OP! It's really my heart and soul :'D And I'm glad you like Lemos! He's got a special place in my heart too, haha.

Thanks again!

I finished the demo and a;sdjfsldf I LOVE IT SO MUCH

I legit love Lemos and Isven but was super surprised how much I ended up liking Soh? Usually the fiery ones aren't my usual first go-to but he was fantastic, especially in how he interacts with his brother  (Also....that one scene was just....perfect. Nova's reaction was just *chef's kiss*

Speaking of...Nova is AMAZING. I wish I had half the sass she does! 

Honestly this was so so good and you've done such a great job! Really can't wait to throw money at the first route's release!


WOW! Thank you for the compliments! ; w ; Soh is a jerk but there's a heart of gold in there just waiting to be shine. ;^) Koh and Soh really care about each other and I've always said that if not for Koh, Soh would be just as ruthless his mother. Thankfully, Koh exists and Soh realizes fairly young that he didn't want to treat his brother badly.

LOOOLLLL That Scene was really fun to write! And tbh I love when a MC can clapback so I gave her a lot of fun energy to make her dynamic with each king fun. Thank you so much ; v ; I look forward to sharing more of their world very soon!

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I really enjoy the demo and thirsty for more!

I love a good pun! I can't wait to release the first route!

I absolutely LOVED this demo! The art, the storyline, the characters, everything is just amazing! Lemos is definitely the one who's got me the most intrigued; A big ol' softie despite his sarcasm! I'll eagerly be following development for this! I can't wait to see where it goes! 

Thank you so much for downloading it and playing! Lemos is a character who I always thought would be popular, which is kinda why I wrote his route first.

He's a sweet man and I'm sure you'll fall for him in his full route! Thank you for the support!

(3 edits) (+1)

Loved the demo! The GUI and art are both so gorgeous to look at. And I'm loving all the love interests so far! My personal favorite is Lemos. He's a real sweetheart when he wants to be, huh? His and the MC's banter was super fun to read too. Speaking of the MC, I adore her! Her personality is so fun! Also, the overarching plot is really intriguing to me; I'm interested to know how the MC's grandma is connected to everything. I will definitely be following this game!


Thank you so much! Lemos seems to be popular from jump so that makes me pretty happy! 

He can be a huge tease but he's not a bad guy. ^^

I loved writing their banter because they're both such fun characters LOL! Nova always gives as much as she gets but Lemos always tends to poke her to get a rise out of her.

I hope you find the mini-mystery fun to figure out. Thanks for the comment! :'D


An otome where you can date merfolk? Heck yes!!! I love this artstyle, btw!! <3


Thank you so much! I'll convey your compliments to the artist!!


Merfolk !!!!!! ,,Sorry I got alittle excited when I saw the blurb on plot and the lovely character bios.


I'm glad you're excited! I am too. Thank you so much for your anticipation!


Very exciting ^_^ Can't wait to dive in! 


Thank you! I do love a good ocean pun. It's almost sink or swim time!